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​Esperanza Project was born out of an assignment given to the founder, Connie Rodriguez in 2016 by Harvard Kennedy School where she was enrolled from participating in an internship program with her employer.  She was tasked with the assignment to organize a project of her choosing from start to finish through the Leadership, Organizing for Action class she was completing.   Connie saw a need for foster care youth that were aging out of the system and organized a group of passionate, educated and talented individuals that were willing to donate their time to this cause.  The assignment came and went but Esperanza lives on!  Esperanza Project is now in the process of becoming a 501 (3) c and currently operating as a non-profit organization and has been developed by many people who have invested many hours in the creation and development of Esperanza Project.  Sincere gratitude is extended to all those who have contributed to this non-profit.

Though the vision of Esperanza has transitioned since its inception, the mission has remained. “To help children and youth build a strong community by providing comprehensive resources for a better and brighter future.”

We believe our community can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change their outcomes by giving them Esperanza~Hope.

Our Mission

Our mission for the Esperanza Project (which means hope) is to provide Wellness through the Arts with the purpose of bringing healing and support through creative expression and turn pain into gain of self-confidence.  Art can take almost countless forms, including painting, sculpture, music, literature, dance and so much more. Educational trainings will be offered in various topics such as immigration, citizenship, and life-skills.  Esperanza will offer an array of resources and access to information such as shelters, food banks, and mentoring. We believe that our mission can best be accomplished through the promotion of consumer independence, enhancement of each person’s dignity and worth, and improvement of quality of life by having a support system.

The high standards and values of our mission are supported through an innovative, community-based initiative that is comprised of volunteers and professionals in the field of Psychology with backgrounds in mental health and Masters in Family Therapy.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Esperanza Project is designed to create a system of change and wellness by providing access to support groups and resources, thus creating options and choices for consumers in their living situations. We also strive to provide the public with a positive understanding of the contributions of individuals with mental illness or co-occurring disorders as well as provide a heightened understanding of their needs issues and concerns. We hope to accomplish both goals by providing the most current resources of comprehensive information pertaining to each individual or groups needs.

We Need Your Support Today!

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